Making mayonnaise for the first time was an interesting experience.  Another great recipe from my cousin (thanks again, Barb Griffith!).  I think it needs a little tweaking but it’s a good start.


3-5 (~3/4 c.) free range whole eggs
2 c. extra virgin olive oil
1 t. mustard powder
1 t. sea salt
garlic powder, to taste
3 T. lemon juice


Combine everything except the olive oil in the blender/food processor.  Blend until smooth on medium speed (about 1 minute).  Carefully and slowly pour the olive oil into the running blender, a little at a time.  Blend for an additional 30 second to mix the flavors.  Serve or refrigerate.


I tried this once and it was a little thin.  I think next time I’ll be sure to measure the actual amount for the eggs (I just went for the middle of the road and used four, but I’d be curious to see what comes out to 3/4 cup).  I also am not sure about the mustard flavor.  It isn’t a bad flavor at all – but it’s not what you expect when you want a sandwich with mayo.  If I want mustard flavor I’ll use mustard.  The original recipe I got listed a variety of other spices you could add so I’m sure it’s just a matter of finding out what you like best.  I would also probably consider halving the recipe since we don’t use a whole lot of mayo.


This is something I will easily try again.  Even with the flaws above it’s tasty and I’ve made many sandwiches with it already (and even a batch of tuna salad).  If I get the consistency closer to “normal” next time I’ll put up an addendum to say how I did it.


I made a new batch of this, and measured the eggs this time.  As it turns out, a single “large” grocery-store-bought egg is about 1/4 of a cup.  So, three eggs worked out perfectly.  The consistency was much better and now very closely resembles store-bought mayo.  I also tried substituting onion powder for the mustard and liked it a lot.  That is just all about personal preference but I will continue with that for future.


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