Soft Scrub.

I stumbled across this by accident when looking for recipes for homemade shower scrub (me, thinking scrub to use in the shower to scrub me, this recipe being for scrub to actually scrub the shower with).  It sounded so simple and I have had such a problem getting the bottom of my tub clean, regardless of what sort of toxic cleaners I’ve tried!  Thanks to


1 box baking soda
Dawn dish detergent (enough to moisten the baking soda)


Put baking soda in a bowl. Add Dawn dish detergent, a small amount at a time, stirring after each addition.  You can make a smaller amount by using less baking soda for the base. When it’s the pasty consistency you want, it’s ready to use. Apply to bathroom surfaces, scrub, and rinse.


I hardly have anything to say.  It couldn’t be easier.  I started with half a box of baking soda (simply because I didn’t have much more than that in the house) and used maybe a third of the bottle of dish detergent.  The end result really looks like icing so if you intend to make enough to store it, warn your family members 🙂


This could not be more fabulous stuff.  My tub is cleaner than it’s ever been since moving into this house over six years ago, and I’ve tried all sorts of things.  A definite winner.


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