409 & Clorox Wipes.

Once I got into the finding-homemade-cleaners kick, I came across this simple concoction which is supposed to replace something like a 409-type spray.  It is supposed to both clean and disinfect.  I was also searching for how to make homemade Clorox wipes (love them) and decided to try using the same mixture (since most of the Clorox knock-offs were very similar).


2 teaspoons borax
1 teaspoon washing soda
4 tablespoons lemon juice


In a pint spray bottle, combine ingredients. Add 2 cups very hot water and shake to dissolve. Store indefinitely.


To make the spray I adjusted the recipe to fill the spray bottle I had (24 ounce vs. 16 ounce in the recipe).  I mixed the three ingredients above in a measuring cup so that I could pour it easily into the narrow-neck spray bottle, and then added the water last.  Worked like a charm!

Then, I started over to make the wipes.  I cut up some light flannel fabric with pinking shears.  Then made the mixture above again in the open container (I doubled the original recipe).  I stacked the flannel in the mix, and voila – “clorox wipes”.


I used the wipes to clean my toilet and sink in place of the store-bought ones and I could not tell the difference.  Of course I’ll have to wash these after using them but no big deal there.  I used the spray to clean my shower walls and shelves and it worked just as well as the usual 409.  Two more easy winners!


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