Croutons Take Two: plus, bagel chips!

A while back I had posted a recipe for making homemade croutons.  They didn’t come out great and I had promised to try again using a different kind of bread.  I never got around to it.  Then, after getting my new food dehydrator, I decided to try again, but this time using the dehydrator instead of putting them in the oven.  Most of the “bready” projects I tried in the oven (i.e. croutons, bagel chips, etc.) seemed to come out burnt or unevenly done.

I had both white and wheat bread from the local market (much more solid than your standard cheap grocery store white bread) and decided to use these to make the croutons.  So, I cut four slices of each into small cubes and mixed them together in a large bowl.  Some recipes I found online suggested coating the cubes with a small amount of oil, but I was hoping to avoid this (simpler and healthier), so I tried just adding some seasonings to the dry bread.  I’m sure the seasonings would stick better with the oil added, but a good amount will stay on even without.  

I used salt, pepper, onion powder, basil, and oregano.

After mixing everything up well, I spread the bread cubes evenly over my dehydrator trays.  It took about one hour and twenty minutes for them to be completely dry and crunchy.  I thought the flavor was great, the consistency was much better than the ones I had tried the last time, and nothing was burnt!

A great use for leftover bread.  You could also follow the same instructions to make bread crumbs – just crush the cubes (food processor works well) after they are dried.

And in the same bready line…I also made bagel chips for snack mix.  Slice the bagels thinly, season, and dry (about the same amount of time worked for them, maybe a little less).  Once they are dry, break the slices into smaller, snack sized pieces.



  1. Victoria Miles · · Reply

    I made a loaf of herbed bread in my bread machine, then just very lightly tossed some olive on the cubes. I put the olive oil on my hands and mixed up the cubes with the olive oil that way. Didn’t have to put any spices on the cubes after the fact!

  2. That’s a good idea to use a bread that is already seasoned… Makes it much easier!

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