Powdered Cheese.

Sort of a disappointing weekend in the experimentation department.  Tried two new recipes which were a lot of work and mess.  This was the first – “powdered cheese”.  The concept being that – you take cheese, slice it thinly, put it in your dehydrator, and voila you have magically dry powdered cheese.  Then you take the magic cheese and use it in au gratin potatoes, mac and cheese, any sort of boxed food replacement that is cheesy.

The reality being – you take a very long time to slice a whole bunch of cheese very thinly, arrange it neatly on your dehydrator trays, you come back in a few hours to find that all the cheese is melting just enough to ooze down into the cracks of the trays and is dripping enough oily residue to make you sort of nauseous…you sop up as much grease as you can with paper towels and doggedly let the cheese keep drying, only to have it get even more wedged into the cracks and more oily…..

Guess the bottom line is – it might be wiser to just keep some fresh cheese on hand for your recipes than go through this mess 🙂

I managed to salvage the majority of the cheese and grind it up into a neat substance (it really resembles something else I’ve crossed in my lifetime – I think I’m remembering bread crumbs with melted butter in them when you mix it up for a casserole topping).  However, I just don’t trust that it would hold up long on a shelf.  Seems like no matter how long I left it in the dehydrator there was more oil coming out, even after the cheese was completely browned.  I stashed it away in the fridge for now and will use it over the next few weeks like I would fresh cheese.  I’m sure the nice browny taste will be enjoyable at least.  Plus, this made me give my dehydrator trays a really good scrub!


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