Au Gratin Potato Chips.

I keep scouring the internet for a dehydrator snack recipe that is appealing.  Every single chip/cracker/etc. that I seem to find is filled with flax seed and very little flavor.  I did make a batch of the flax crackers just to be fair and give them a try – and while it wouldn’t kill me to eat them, they really just aren’t appealing.  A waste of my stomach space 🙂

However, the cracker recipe did at least give me the knowledge that I can take just about anything pasty or gooey and spread it onto a dehydrator sheet to make a chip or cracker.  I actually found this ONE recipe using the mashed potatoes to give me a start.


  • 3 cups potatoes; peeled, boiled, and mashed
  • 1 1/2 cups sharp cheddar cheese, grated
  • 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese, grated
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • Put all ingredients in a blender or food processor and mix.
  • Spread onto solid sheets and dry in the dehydrator for four hours.
  • With a clean butter knife, lift entire ring off sheet, turn over, and dry for one hour longer (or until dry enough to break into pieces).
  • The flavor was actually very good!  My only worry was that (as with anything), the cheese made the chips oily as they were drying.  Once they cooled it seemed to have settled down to an acceptable level, but you can’t kid yourself that these are healthy in any way.  I would consider next time using slightly less cheese and maybe adding some garlic or other flavoring to keep them interesting.
  • Also – if you don’t have the solid “fruit leather” sheets for your dehydrator trays, you can use parchment paper.  It requires infinite patience (as you’re trying to spread the mix thinly on the paper the paper is moving in every direction except the one you want it to!).
  • My dehydrator is a baby one and maybe not up to industrial strength – but one hour after removing the chip rings from the paper was not nearly long enough to dry them.  I left mine in for a good four to five hours and the thicker sections could still have probably used a little more time.
  • I think you could experiment a lot with this basic idea – add sour cream and onion, or barbecue sauce, or whatever you want to try and replicate a variety of flavored potato chips.  I’ve read that dairy isn’t the best thing to try and dehydrate, but there are plenty of options out there.


  • I made another batch of these last weekend.  I used red skin potatoes and left the skin on.  I also used part sharp cheese and part mozzarella.  Best of all, I finally invested in fruit leather sheets for my dehydrator so I was very easily able spread the mashed potato mixture thinly and evenly.  These chips were amazing, even better than the last batch!

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