Dried Citrus Shower Scrub.

Since I seem to have a compulsion to put everything I can find into the dehydrator at one point or another, lemons and oranges were no exception.  About a month ago I sliced up a bunch of each and dried them.  My original plan was to put them in water, they would reconstitute themselves, and make tasty drinking water.  I don’t think it was a bad plan, although I wasn’t impressed – it would probably work better if you put them in a big container of water in the fridge to let sit for a while vs. dropping one into the cup at my desk and expecting to have tasty water with the first sip.

As a side note, to dehydrate the citrus – just slice thinly, place in the dehydrator until…well, dry.  Not too hard.  It did take a while, at least ten or twelve hours.

So, I decided to find another use for the dried citrus.  Today’s adventure was shower scrub.  I ground a bunch of the dried slices in my spice grinder, followed the traditional recipe for scrub (see here), and added two tablespoons of the dried ground citrus.

It turned out slightly drier than usual, not sure if that is a plus or minus yet in my book.  But, it smelled nice, gave some color to the traditionally boring white scrub, and left my skin soft after using it.  If anything I might add a little extra coconut oil next time, but I may decide that the more fluffy/crumbly version is enjoyable!


Just want to add that if you try this, make it in small batches that you will use quickly.  It’s great for a few days, and then…well, you’re rehydrating citrus and letting it sit out.  Eventually it starts to lose its fresh smell.  Still think it’s great, but be careful not to make too much at a time!


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