Golden Herb Potato Chips.


I saw this recipe on  I really have to accept that I’m not into the raw food deal, there have been very very few recipes (not sure I can even pin down one!) that has turned out well for me.  I’m usually sucked into them because they seem simple and have good ingredients, but…guess I just like things to be cooked the way I’m used to.


  • 7 large, well-scrubbed, Yukon Gold potatoes
  • Savory Sprinkles (Salt/Garlic Powder/Onion Powder)


  • Slice potatoes as thin as possible.
  • Dip in a bowl of fresh lemon juice to retard discoloration.
  • Layer on a mesh dehydrator sheet and spray with Pam or olive oil.
  • Sprinkle lightly with Savory Sprinkles.
  • Dehydrate for several hours or until crispy.


  • So on the plus side, I got to use my new mandolin-type slicer correctly for the first time (it seems like everything else I wanted to slice on it wasn’t thin slices of zucchini but the long way, didn’t work so hot).  The potatoes were perfectly even and very pretty!
  • That’s pretty much where my happiness ended.  I get the idea of dipping in lemon juice, but boy does it make the potatoes taste awful.  I actually shuddered when I put one in my mouth.  Not sure if there would be a way around that but I’m sure it would be a huge start!
  • Also, when the recipe said “sprinkle lightly” with the seasonings, they weren’t kidding.  I cheated and just used that Jane’s Krazy Mixed Up Salt.  Apparently I put WAY too much on.  Again.  Shuddering.
  • I’m pretty sure that when I have a rare craving for chips (which truly is rare, I only ever really eat them with a sandwich or something), I’ll just stick with the Good’s red bag.  You really can’t make anything better.

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