Orange Juice.


This may seem sort of an obvious idea….however, based on the amount of store-bought orange juice I see people purchasing….maybe not.

Through most of my early adulthood, orange juice was something I only drank if there was vodka in it.  It was never a favorite.  If I had to drink it with breakfast, I added packets of sugar to make it tolerable.  Eventually I learned to drink it from time to time without the extra sugar, but again…still not a favorite.

Then….we found oranges called “juice oranges” at the market and decided to buy a few.  I had a hand-juicer that I had used probably once in my life and figured why not?

Well….that was pretty much the end of store bought orange juice.  If I could protest them labeling it as “orange juice” I would, since it is NOTHING like the real thing.  I couldn’t believe that I just had to squeeze the oranges and not add anything to the resulting juice, and it was sweeter and more refreshing than any store bought orange juice that I have ever had.

So….buy juice oranges.  Squeeze.  Drink.  That’s about it!

A few personal notes – I love the Oster juicer that you can see in the picture above.  It was interesting to note that I got less juice using the hand juicer (obvious), however that juice was slightly sweeter.  I think with an electric juicer you get more juice out of each orange, but you also get closer to the peel which is probably a more tart area of the fruit.  I paid about $17 on Amazon for the Oster, it is lightweight but worth every penny.

Also, juice oranges (while less attractive than your traditional grocery store oranges) give you WAY more juice and it tastes much better.  I think the big, very orange-looking oranges have a lot more pith in them.  Even in the juice orange selection I find that the ones that look sort of dark and beat up a little provide the tastiest results.

Five juice oranges will fill two small juice glasses (as pictured above).


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