Tomato Powder.

So while pondering my single serving soup ideas that I’ve recently been having, I came across some articles about tomato powder.  Simple idea – you dehydrate tomatoes, grind the dried tomatoes into powder, and then add the powder to all sorts of foods for flavor.  My thought was – I have packages of beef and broth that I normally add veggies/pasta to for a helping of beef vegetable soup.  The one thing that’s always missing is that tomato-ish broth.  Easy answer!

Basically all you need to do is cut the tomatoes into small, even chunks; spread them on your dehydrator trays (I’d recommend using the solid fruit leather trays, as tomatoes are juicy and messy and tend to fall right through the holes in the regular trays); and dry until done.  I like to do this overnight as they do take quite a while to dry; I’d say at least 12-16 hours.  Scrape everything off the trays, and put into a coffee grinder until powdered.  Be warned: the powder gets very fine and it will get all over whatever surface you are using.  Don’t do it near anything else that can’t be wiped down!

Love this solution!  And yes, it works perfectly, it reconstituted in my soup very well and gave it that rich tomato flavor that I was missing.  You’ll have to experiment with whatever you’re adding the powder to; I used two teaspoons for a single bowl of soup.


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