Canning Ground Meat.

Another thing I hate wasting freezer space on is ground meat.  I like to cook off batches in bulk so that I can just grab a bag and have it ready on the stove in a minute or two.  I actually made dinner one night a few months ago with a frozen uncooked pack of ground beef and couldn’t believe how long it took, I’ve been spoiled!  This was an easy canning recipe.

Basically you just cook off the ground meat (I did five pounds of beef and five of pork).  Drain the fat.  Fill the prepared jar (the ratio is about 1 pound of meat per pint, so since I like to do half-pounds for just the two of us, I did half pint jars).  Leave one inch of headspace.  Fill the jar with hot broth (I used vegetable since it was sort of neutral for both types of meat), still leaving the one inch of headspace.  Pack everything down and remove any air bubbles, adding more meat/broth if needed.  Seal jars and process in a pressure canner for 75 minutes at 10 pounds of pressure (if you decide to do quart jars, then increase the time to 90 minutes).


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